Keep your school competitive with the fastest-growing STEAM program

Robotics and Automated Systems is a career-connected software & engineering program developed by Fortune 500 engineers for forward-thinking middle schools and high schools.

All-in-one Solution

Everything students, teachers, and schools need to be successful is included: training, classroom tech, curriculum products, and support.

More Than Just Robotics

This all-encompassing STEAM solution includes 3D design, mechanics, electronics, coding, app development, teamwork, formal presentations, requirements, design iterations and much more…


 Unconstrained learning by time and space

We have put teachers and students at the center of the design process and created an intuitive and easy-to-use educational platform to deliver state-of-the-art, career-connected STEM programs.

Student Benefits

  • Personalized learning
  • Personalized pacing
  • Organized student resources
  • Access from any device, anytime

Educator Benefits

  • Classroom preparation time and effort greatly reduced
  • Lesson organization built-in
  • Focus on the students, not the LMS logistics
  • Seamless virtual or in-person delivery

Delighted Teachers and Students Across 14 US States

The student feedback that we have gotten has been so positive… It’s completely hands-on, kids see it as very relevant and I think that’s the key to success.

Students were so engaged that it made our jobs much easier, they were going figure things out on their own

Increase Enrollment with a Unique Engineering Curriculum

In this highlighted success story, Milestone C developed a custom, comprehensive STEM curriculum to engage Notre Dame High School students seeking a true engineering experience.

Engage Your Students

The bio-inspired Hexapod robot, career-connected projects, and experiential learning. An unrivaled solution to maximize student engagement.

Empower Your Teachers

Intensive training and continued support are key for seamless program implementation. Your success is our success and we are always here to help whenever you need it.

About the Program 

The program features state-of-the-art bio-inspired robots and the complete analyze-design-manufacture-program-test flow of a real-world engineering program through the framework of an overarching technical design project.

Students will practice and become competent in not only technical skills, but also 21st-century foundational skills necessary in any career: Critical thinking & problem-solving, collaboration & leadership, creativity, and effective communication.  

Prepare your students for the 21st century tech industry

What’s Included

Two Semesters of Technical Skills Development

Seven modular units flexible within 100 to 150 hours of class time cover the following technical skills: 3D modeling, coding, mobile app development, and engineering requirements analysis.

Curriculum Delivered and Accessed Online

Complete, comprehensive, aligned with NGSS & ISTE standards! Includes scope and sequence, teacher guides, courseware, videos, e-books, student handouts, student templates, assessments and rubrics… all accessed online.

Reusable Robotics Kit

100% Reusable & bio-inspired Hexapod robot kits. Each program includes one classroom set of 10 student Hexapods, 1 instructor Hexapod, and spare parts.

Teacher Training and Support

Training program includes exclusive non-linear learning techniques, necessary technical knowledge & skills, and hands-on experience, all delivered via video conference. Support requests by phone or email answered within 24 hours.

Interested in a demo or wish to discuss your needs?

Our education specialists will respond within 24 hours.

Key Characteristics

Transform your classroom into a 21st century innovation lab

Experiential and Project-Based Learning

This program is fundamentally project-based, with increasing levels of complexity and an overarching technical design effort. Lectures are kept to a minimum; encompassing less than 20% of the total class time.


The program is designed directly by Fortune 500 engineers. The curriculum authors’ experience training young corporate professionals enabled the development of an internship-like experience in the classroom.

Modular Program

The program is split into units and modules that can be used in the given sequence or independently. Teachers have the flexibility to adjust the scope & sequence based on their schedule and students’ needs.

Target Grades 6-12

Adaptable for a variety of grade levels within 6-12. The core program is designed to fortify less experienced students while keeping advanced students engaged through numerous customization options within each unit and project.

Comprehensive Engineering Program

Designed by Fortune 500 engineers and experienced, passionate educators to maximize engagement, the program covers a broad spectrum of engineering from 3D modeling & design to integration & test.

Career Connected

Each unit is carefully crafted to emulate industry practices. Students explore engineering industries & disciplines through interactive modules and experience the life of a robotics engineer through the lifecycle of a real-world program.

Personalized Learning

Teaching in an experiential & project-based setting allows teachers to create and track students along various learning trajectories in the same classroom. As students implement different designs to solve a central problem, they are graded not on a single “correct” answer but rather critical thinking skills evident in design decision justifications.

Half or Full Year Delivery

The complete program (Levels 1 & 2) contains two semesters of materials broken into 7 modular units. This provides teachers schedule flexibility as well as customization opportunities to accommodate various student experience levels.

No Prerequisites

Designed with built-in customization for all students; the novice and experienced alike. Through the guided yet experiential nature of this program, beginner students will quickly learn new skills while experienced students face challenges that test the problem-solving skills of even the most seasoned student teams.

Fully Reusable Hardware

The STEMI Hexapod robotics platform delivers cutting edge technology while being extremely budget-conscious. The Hexapod is fully reusable year-to-year, requiring only a software reset and disassembly before the next group of future STEM leaders begin their adventure.