How to teach robotics in the time of COVID19

The COVID-19 outbreak upended our lives. As life continues, we are discovering ways to adapt to this novel situation as a society. Some things are harder to adapt to than others, school work, and especially project-based courses included. For most, this new construct of school coming home to the student had not been tried and tested thoroughly before educators were forced by circumstances to “adapt & overcome” in a hurry.

Our Hexapod robot and its core peripheral educational content were originally designed for virtual learning! So, we were able to customize the complete Robotics & Automated Systems program quickly to be 100% compatible with the virtual classroom!

In the era of COVID-19, virtual workplaces and remote work are increasingly widespread. The future workplace was always projected to become more and more virtual over the years, regardless of the virus. So, as unfortunate as the circumstances are, there is an opportunity deep down to teach students how to learn and contribute virtually.

Our state-of-the-art project-based program is ready for virtual classroom implementation today, as well as the traditional classroom implementation. Either way, we are here with two objectives: Enabling schools to stop wasting resources on antiquated content and empowering teachers to maximize student engagement.

How do you run a robotics program virtually?

Each student will get their own robotic hardware kit delivered at their doorstep. The Hexapod robot is a technological adventure that engages students with endless possibilities and life-like articulation. With the Hexapod, students can master 3D modeling, mobile app development, and programming in a real-life tech environment without ever leaving their homes.

experiential and project-based robotics

All teacher and student course materials for both levels of Robotics & Automated Systems are 100% digital and easily accessible online. Courseware, teacher guides, student handouts, templates, e-books, assessments, and rubrics are all included in the program, not to mention teacher training.

digital course materials

Classes are facilitated through an online education platform. Once they log in, students can intuitively navigate through the modules, watch videos, and download the required documents.

While following a scope & sequence guided by a teacher, lessons are self-paced to allow students to explore at their own pace.

Virtual learning environment

Teacher Training: Designed for a teacher with no previous robotics experience

Our new school onboarding begins with an extensive professional development program for teachers, delivered in person, or via video conference. Furthermore, all videos, eBooks, and teacher guides included in the program assume that new teachers have no previous robotics, engineering, or software background. Our industry experts and seasoned educators will invest as much personal time & attention as needed to train new Robotics & Automated Systems teachers to Milestone C standards, regardless of previous experience level.

Support: With you, every step along the way

Our experts are only a video call away throughout the Robotics & Automated Systems implementation and delivery at your school. If you need help with hardware, software, or any other aspect of the program, we are available 24/7 and our top priority is your success.


This global COVID-19 pandemic has prematurely transformed the way we work, teach and attend school. However, the future we are preparing students for had always been trending in the direction of virtual learning and work. It is time to embrace the change and continue offering our students the very best in project-based learning, regardless of the circumstances. As Milestone C & STEMI, we are 100% ready today to deliver this unrivaled robotics program in the virtual classroom.

Milestone C and Stemi are 100% virtual learning ready today with the Robotics and Automated System program